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Travel Insurance Purchase Tips

22 August, 2016 | Travel Insurance

There is no short-cut to buying travel insurance but you can cut yourself some slack by having a clear idea of your preferences.

When you are still in the research stage, do take the following into account:

1. Compare travel insurance plans using an online software or through manual, self-initiated research.
2. Shortlist the travel insurance packages or programs that you feel are most suitable to your needs.
3. Create a simple SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of each shortlisted travel insurance plan and their respective providers.
4. Give yourself a few days or weeks to think things through.
5. Consult family members or contact travel insurance agents or company representatives for further information.

What you should do during the purchase proper:

1. Choose your preferred plan.
2. Provide information about yourself, your travel companions and your trip.
3. You can opt to pay online or directly to the insurance company's headquarters or branch office.
4. Wait for an email containing your policy certificate and confirming your purchase.
5. Review your certificate.

What to do after you receive your travel insurance plan:

1. Take advantage of the free look period (usually 10 days to 2 weeks) to know the scope and limitations of your coverage; changes to the plan can also be made within the free look period.
2. If you have doubts about your plan or there is a need to change it, request to make changes before the plan takes effect.
3. Contact your travel insurance provider immediately to explore other options.
4. If you want to cancel your plan, do this before the free review period expires.
5. Pay attention to the rules set by the travel medical insurance certificate.

Be as transparent as you possibly can throughout the application process. When clients provide incomplete or wrong details about their health and other personal circumstances, their claims end up voided.

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