Canadian Travel to the United States

Posted on March 31st, 2020 by Medipac

“Canadians made 4.8 million leisure trips to the U.S. between January and April, an increase of 6.3 per cent. Overnight travel (for all purposes) to the U.S. has now increased for eight consecutive months, and April was the first month since 2013 that growth in auto trips was registered from all regions. On a monthly basis, travel to the U.S. was 14.9 per cent higher than last April, however, it was 23.6 per cent lower than the peak of April 2013, when the loonie was close to par with the greenback.”

This is a direct quote from the Conference Board of Canada’s publication Outward Bound. It appears that snowbird travel is on the increase once again. The loonie is starting to strengthen nicely and, hopefully, it will be over $0.78 and rising by the time you are reading this.

Are you planning on heading south this winter? If so, you should buy your travel insurance right now. Medipac is offering their Early Bird Special again this year and we have instituted a rate freezeeffective during the Early Bird season.

As you know, the Canadian Snowbird Association is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and, as a special reward for their Medipac clients, we have offered a $25 reduction to your Medipac premium for each person. This is only effective for our Early Bird season, so don’t miss out. All of our other discounts still apply – 5% off for Early Bird, up to 10% off as your Claim-Free discount and up to 8% off as your Loyalty Credit. And then – take that $25 and put it in your pocket.

We are expecting a very busy year this year, so the earlier you call us the better ‒and you can obviously sign up online, if you prefer. If you can use a cheque or a debit card, we would be most appreciative as the credit card fees are getting to be so exorbitant.

This is going to be a fun year! Not only do we have a CSA 25th anniversary, it is also Canada’s 150th birthday. I should also mention that this month is CSA President Karen Huestis and her husband Bill’s 55th wedding anniversary. Oh, and my son Chris is getting married to a wonderful girl. I am certain that many good things are happening in your world as well; you should try and get out to some of the great events taking place across the country, enjoy your summer and, as always, travel safely.