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Travel Insurance Tips

Does the policy provide coverage for private transportation and/or personal expenses if I am stuck in another country and can’t get home on or near my scheduled return date?

The Medipac Policy is for emergency medical treatment only. It is not a Trip Cancellation/Interruption policy. Should your means of transportation to return to Canada be delayed, expenses related to your extended stay will not be a benefit of your policy.

Are there things I am not covered for under my policy?

Insurance, by its very nature, has benefits, exclusions and limitations. Travel insurance is not different. You are encouraged to fully read your policy; in particular, the Pre-existing Conditions, General Exclusions and General Limitations sections.

What if my health changes after I purchase my insurance?

If you have a change in health after you purchase your insurance and prior to your effective date of insurance, your coverage will be limited and may be void. As such it is important that you contact Medipac at 1-800-633-4722 to understand how your policy is affected, which will include a reassessment of your eligibility and rate category.

A change could be (but is not limited to) a diagnosis, symptom, or something more subtle that you might think could be postponed until you return from your trip, such as a recommended physician referral to a specialist, a test, and recommended investigations or evaluations.

Regardless of the change in your medical status it is important that you notify Medipac to understand how your policy is affected.

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