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  • Do not rely on your provincial health plan to cover costs if you get sick or are injured while abroad.

    Global Affairs Canada More travel warnings
  • Arrange for private health insurance…as your provincial or territorial health insurance may not cover you.

  • For complete protection, additional [travel] medical insurance should be purchased from a private insurance company even if you only plan to leave the country for a day.

    B.C. Ministry of Health Services More travel warnings
  • …you are encouraged to obtain additional [travel] health insurance before traveling.

    Manitoba Health More travel warnings
  • …out-of-country travelers are strongly advised to obtain additional [travel medical] insurance from private insurers…

    New Brunswick Department of Health More travel warnings
  • It is recommended that residents traveling outside this country ensure that they have adequate private [travel] health insurance to supplement their provincial health plan.

    N.L. Department of Health and Community Services More travel warnings
  • It is strongly recommended that any resident traveling out of province purchase a Travel Health [Insurance] Plan

    Nova Scotia Department of Health More travel warnings
  • …it is strongly recommended that you purchase travel [health] insurance when you travel outside of the province or country.

    Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care More travel warnings
  • PEI residents visiting other countries are advised to obtain private [travel] medical insurance

    P.E.I. Department of Health More travel warnings
  • If you are planning to leave the country…make sure you have additional [travel] health insurance.

    Saskatchewan Ministry of Health More travel warnings
  • When spending time outside Québec, it’s a good idea to take out private insurance before leaving.

    Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec More travel warnings
  • A Tradition of Excellence

    Medipac Travel Insurance stands for Quality, Value, Reliability and Financial Strength. Four reasons why Canada’s most experienced travellers and Canadian snowbirds have chosen the Medipac as the best travel insurance plan for medical emergencies while travelling, and four reasons why Medipac is the only plan exclusively endorsed by the Royal Canadian Legion and Canada’s voice for travelling Canadians – the Canadian Snowbird Association.

    Recent travel insurance reviews identify coverage, price and ease of purchase as the most important attributes to any travel insurance plan. In keeping with these best practices, Medipac covers most stable and controlled pre-existing health conditions, is available to all ages, offers several coverage options to meet your travel insurance needs, and unique discounts and deductibles to help you save money on your purchase.

    Once you have had a chance to download Medipac’s policy and review your travel medical insurance options, and have selected the best travel insurance plan for your needs, simply apply online – your policy and other travel insurance documents will be emailed to you immediately. Or, download a copy of Medipac’s travel insurance application to complete at your leisure and mail it in with payment. NEW clients are encouraged to call to see which discounts might be available to you.

    Another critical element to consider when purchasing travel health insurance are the emergency medical assistance services that support the plan. When you choose Medipac, you engage the services of a dedicated team of in-house medical professionals who will work tirelessly on your behalf. Medipac Assist is one of the only companies staffed by its own medical professionals who are available via dedicated assistance lines, and who are your first point of contact in an medical emergency situation. We’re in business because we CARE!

    Throughout these pages you will find extensive information about the Medipac tradition, customer focus, products and services, important partnerships, and about various industry related links and resources.

    • Just a quick thank you to the person who helped me with my problem! I sincerely appreciated their patience and understanding. We have been with Medipac for several years and appreciate the excellent service that we have received. We have highly recommended Medipac to friends and family. ~Jack

    • Thanks to everyone at Medipac, most especially the staff in Specialty Services. Your prompt and efficient service is only surpassed by the friendly and patient manner in which this potentially stressful issue was handled. I will most definitely recommend Medipac to friends. ~Jan

    • We would like to thank your agent for her assistance today, she explained the plans and the variables so that we could make an informed decision. We appreciated her time and patience. ~Suz-Anne

    • Your staff are very knowledgeable and help us immensely in our choices for coverage…they are one of the reasons we will continue to purchase Medipac for our travels. ~Don

    • Your staff’s knowledge, communication skills and general demeanor toward serving customers must be acknowledged and applauded. ~Jeanette and Ron

    • My parents are enjoying their winter in warm and sunny Florida, and I know that they are protected by the best in the business…I cannot thank you enough for the assistance of and exemplary service provided by Medipac Travel Insurance. ~Cathy

    • We were so uneasy at the start of this underwritten process…yet, after every phone call to you folks, we were so encouraged…you gave us hope that we could travel again. ~Ann & Arn

    • We have found that your staff is very welcoming and professional over the last several years…their service has prompted us to move our house and car insurance over to your organization. ~Alistair

    • There are many options out there for travel insurance. Based on my experience with (one of your doctors) and your company, I am recommending Medipac to all my family and friends. ~Roy

    • I have found my experience at Medipac insurance to be pleasurable, fast, and easy. I approached the company not really knowing what I need or what was necessary for me to have and the staff were ready to assist me. I was able to explain my needs and they were able to match me with the package that worked best for my life without over charging me. The staff at Medipac were extremely knowledgeable and informative. I would recommend them to any of my friends and family. ~Ashley

    • I would like to take this time to thank all of the staff at Medipac. It’s a great feeling to know that the staff take their time to ensure my wife and I are insured properly. We can travel with ease of mind. ~Freddy

    • All of my communications with Medipac have been most positive; all of the girls in the office are to be commended for their knowledge and business-like way, especially the ones with whom I have been in contact mostly, lately. ~Betty

    • Every call made to Medipac was above and beyond any expectations, as were their follow-up calls to us. Every agent was extremely friendly and professional. Cannot say thank you enough! Recommend Medipac! ~Verna

    • I would like to advise you of the terrific well-informed help I received from your staff member. He was very patient and it made the preparing of the form much easier. It is people like him in the customer service industry that make all the difference. ~Ruth

    • Your staff member is so professional and efficient when she speaks with us. Each year we appear to have new questions and concerns, but she calmly helps us. She makes us feel that she wants the best for us! She never makes us feel hurried, or rushed to make decisions. ~Mary

    • Your staff member was always so helpful to me and is indeed a lady with much patience and knowledge. I always felt that she was doing her very best to assist me, sometimes above and beyond the call of duty. ~Ron

    • Thank you for having people like Kate reviewing applications and making corrections that, if answered with wrong information, could result in administrative complications on future applications. Both my husband Ronald and I are grateful for your diligence. ~Virginia

    • I was referred to you by a friend and told you provided great service. He was right! You have a new customer for life. ~Edward

    • We have recommended Medipac to all of our friends and family. We suggest that if they have special medical needs they should contact you. ~Mary

    • I would like you to know that when purchasing our insurance on the phone, we dealt with a staff member who was very patient, pleasant and took her time to ask me all the relevant questions. I was really impressed with her attitude. ~Lilly

    • Many thanks indeed for this speedy and efficient response to my request of this morning. Very impressive and much appreciated. ~Philip

    • Thank you for doing the great work that you do, all of my dealings with your team have been very wonderful and courteous. ~Elizabeth

    • Thank you very much. It is so fantastic to have your great service-thanks again. ~John and Karen

    • A very big thank you to all Medipac staff!!! I will highly recommend Medipac to my friends when they travel. ~Paul

    • I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your patience, help and effort put forth in getting my insurance coverage for our recent trip…I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is interested. Your work provided us with a most pleasurable and memorable time. Thanks again. ~Allen

    • I would like to thank your supervisor for her assistance in managing a couple of administrative hurdles today and getting our policy in place in time for our departure to the U.S. ~Mike


    Selecting Medipac Travel Insurance means choosing Quality, Value, Reliability and Financial Strength. The Medipac group of companies (“Medipac”) has been developing and servicing specialized travel insurance products since the 1980s. Medipac is a trusted brand in the travel insurance industry, known for delivering comprehensive products and services that add value to customers’ needs.

    Medipac’s management team is comprised of a dedicated group of seasoned, licensed insurance professionals – all servicing our clients with 18 to 35 years of experience in the insurance business, and many belonging to various key industry professional organisations including the Canadian Society of Chartered Insurance Professionals, Advocis, Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario and other provincial regulating authorities. In Quebec, Medipac International is registered in the Insurance of Persons sector, under license No.: 601318.

    Medipac is also a long-standing and founding member of the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada with many employees within our group of companies devoting their time and energy to the association’s work.

    Medipac’s focus, drive and dedication, along with an excellent group of support staff, ensure the responsible development of our travel insurance products and their continued evolution for the long-term benefit of Medipac customers and their families while travelling. These characteristics have paved the way for the continued and exclusive endorsement of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) and the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA).

    CSA is the largest organization of long-term and experienced travellers in Canada. Our affiliation with the CSA has remained strong since 1992. Medipac has assisted the Association in their ongoing advocacy to preserve and improve the rights of travelling Canadians and the Canada Health Act.

    Medipac Travel Insurance is underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada.

    Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada
    100 King Street West, Suite 1100
    Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1A2

    Medipac Assist - Medical Professional

    The Medipac Assistance “hotline” is a very important service for our clients. Should you ever need to call, you will speak directly with one of our medical professionals who are trained and experienced in critical care. Often, all that is required is some reassurance and help with setting up a doctor’s appointment. On many occasions, our medical staff has persuaded clients to seek immediate emergency medical attention and not to “wait until the weekend is over.” Our medical professionals can also help you deal with a sometimes intimidating foreign medical system and help prevent unnecessary expenses when you have a large deductible.

    • I am astonished at how well I was treated by the Medipac people (during my claim). I have become an ambassador for them out here in the west. They handled my claim to my complete satisfaction. ~Joe

    • Medipac was absolutely amazing when I had an accident in Arizona. They looked after every detail from the moment we called until I was medivaced home. I cannot say enough good things about the service they provided!! thank you so much! ~Marie

    • Your employee has been above awesome in his advice, intervention and follow ups (during my claim). I am very fortunate to have had him assist me. All other communications with Medipac have been excellent. Much appreciated and thank you for helping me. ~Dave

    • At a time of major health crisis, it is daunting to have to deal with the various financial and organizational pressures and it was both notable and exemplary that Medipac minimized all of these pressures and simply facilitated my recovery and return to Canada in as efficient and speedy manner as possible. ~Sydney

    • Thank you so much for the professional way you handled Dick’s medical situation. I would happily recommend your company to others. ~Dick and Marjorie

    • My worst nightmare was that I wouldn’t know what to do if we ever had an emergency down here in Phoenix. Well, you have eased my mind completely from the moment I called after my husband’s accident. You have been so helpful and caring about what we are going through and I want to say THANK YOU! ~Lynda

    • To all the helpers at Medipac during my accident in Florida. Your kindness and attention was very much appreciated. ~Ruth

    • Thank you for the care and guidance you provided during my illness. Your support was truly appreciated during a trying time. ~Bruce

    • On behalf of my mom and our family, we would like to thank the claims team at Medipac for the sincerity of their care and support while my mom received treatment in Florida…they were sincerely concerned for her well-being. When contacting the claims team, we were asked how my mom was doing – they were sincerely concerned about her well-being. Once they were in touch with the medical team that was caring for mom, we were shielded from negotiations between Medipac and the medical team. It was clear that Medipac had my mom’s well-being as their first priority. ~Bob

    • Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. We are extremely pleased with Medipac’s service during this medical issue. Our communications via phone were supportive and calming. We have been eager to share our experience with Medipac with all our retired friends. ~Linda

    • (My mother’s doctor) was very pleased with the knowledge of your medical personnel. We are so impressed with the way Medipac operates that we have requested info on your insurance for my husband and I. ~Linda & Dave

    • Your staff member is a credit to your organization; he helped me through a very different time in my life. ~Roy

    • (My friends) tell me of some very frustrating experiences they have had trying to deal with a serious illness when on vacation…they ask me to send them information about Medipac, which I am always happy to do. ~Bill

    • I would also like to thank the wonderful and friendly staff at Medipac. They were always in touch and I never felt alone. I will encourage any of our friends to use this service. ~Terry

    • To say the least, Sandra and I are pleased to have taken the time to seek out and insure our healthcare emergency travel needs with Medipac. ~Bob

    • I would like to commend all of the staff we dealt with. Every time we called, we were treated with respect, compassion and courtesy. ~Linda & Bob

    • Medipac was involved [with my claim] almost daily. I am thankful that these treatments allowed me to get back to Saskatchewan. I thank the Medipac staff for their support during this process. ~Linda

    • We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the quick return of Ralph from New Port Richey Florida via air ambulance to Halifax Nova Scotia. Everyone we spoke to was very professional and expressed empathy for our situation. Ralph is very happy to be receiving his ongoing treatment in Halifax at the Halifax Infirmary. We would certainly recommend Medipac to our Snowbird friends. Again, Thank you very much. ~Ralph and Joan

    • I would also like to inform you that the individuals who took my calls on both dates were very kind and courteous to me. At these times that is so comforting. ~Florence

    • We want to thank Medipac for everything that was done on my behalf and getting us back to Canada without any issues. Everything was very professionally done. ~William

    • We both appreciate and are grateful for all of your efforts. Throughout the experience we were treated with respect. ~Judy

    • I want to say ‘Thank You’ to the women I spoke with when calling your emergency assist number; they were professional and kind, which is greatly appreciated. ~Patrice

    • The courtesy and care with which my case was handled was impressive. Your personnel was attentive, compassionate, and professional at all times. ~Marie

    • Medipac Assist team, my thanks to you all, great job done, you made me at ease. ~Barbara

    • I also wish to thank the Medipac Assist staff for all of the assistance they provided during my medical emergency. It was greatly appreciated. ~Bernard

    • We very much appreciate your assistance and the manner in which we were treated. This was our first time using your company (and unfortunately, the first time we have ever had to submit a claim while travelling) and we would certainly recommend your company to friends and family. ~Tom and Marrie

    • On behalf of my husband and I, I want to express my gratitude for the way in which Medipac came through for us during a very difficult time. ~Sylvia and Henry

    • I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in my claim for getting me home quickly and efficiently. Communication was excellent and my wife and I were impressed with your professionalism and knowledge. ~Richard

    Insurance Claim

    To initiate the claims process, please contact Medipac Assist at 1-800-813-9374. One of our customer service representatives will assist you from the initial time of your claim process to the final settlement. During the claim process, you will need to complete certain claim forms specific to your home province. You can download these forms or Medipac can mail you a Claim Kit.

    How do I make a claim under my policy?

    When you call Medipac Assist prior to seeking medical attention, part of their role is to facilitate the claims process. Medipac Assist can mail you a Claim Kit or you can download the forms that you need. Either way you will be provided with everything necessary to submit your claim. All documentation should be returned to our office as soon as possible to ensure prompt processing of your claim.

    When can I expect a claim under my policy to be settled?

    Before a claim can be settled, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. This includes, but is not limited to, the receipt of your fully completed, signed and witnessed claim form and any provincial forms; payment of your deductible (if applicable); and proof of departure if claiming under the Annual Add-on. In addition, Medipac Assist will need to obtain medical records and official billing from medical and other providers. Upon receipt of all required documentation, we will begin processing your claim.

    Who can witness my claim form?

    A witness can be anyone who sees you sign the claim form; this can include a family member, friend or neighbour.

    How do I make a claim on behalf of the estate of a deceased insured?

    To make a claim on behalf of a deceased insured, you must complete Claim Form B (for incapable or deceased insureds) and provide a notarized copy of their Last Will and Testament along with a notarized copy of the death certificate. In the absence of a Will, provide a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. All other steps to submitting a claim are the same; any correspondence (including payments) will be sent directly to the estate.

    More Claims FAQs

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    Medipac strives to provide customer experience that is both easy and professional. Our call center lines are staffed with dedicated customer service representatives who can help you better understand the Medipac Plan, help you to enrol in the plan and or make changes to your existing policy.

    Remember: if you have a change in health prior to your Effective Date of Insurance – CALL US.

    Call Centre Hours (EST)

    Monday to Friday : 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    Saturday : 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m..

    Walk-in Centre Hours (EST)

    Monday to Friday : 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Saturday : 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



    Toll Free : 1-800-633-4722
    Local Number : 416-633-4722
    Fax : 416-441-7030
    Email : admin@medipac.com
    Address and Medipac
    Walk-In Centre :
    Medipac Travel Insurance
    180 Lesmill Rd.
    Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T5

    Emergency Assistance

    For Emergency Medical Assistance Only - Available 24 hours:

    Toll Free from
    the U.S.A.
    and Canada :
    Local : 416-441-6337
    Fax : 416-441-7059
    E-mail : assist@medipac.com


    Toll Free : 1-800-311-4761
    Local Number : 416-441-7073
    Fax : 416-441-7059
    E-mail : claims@medipac.com
    Address : Medipac Claims Department
    180 Lesmill Rd.
    Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T5

    *Please note that changes and extensions to existing policies cannot be accepted via e-mail.