Coverage Options


For only $147, MedipacMAX significantly increases your maximum policy benefit to $5 million USD, including coverage for COVID-19. Add peace of mind and protect the discounts you’ve earned in the event of a claim. Included in MedipacMAX are the following:

✔Increased Policy Benefit Maximum to $5 million USD – including COVID-19
✔Protect your Discounts in the event of a claim
✔$10,000 Accidental Death Insurance
✔$5,000 Relocation Benefit
✔$1,500 Pet Benefit
✔$1,000 Excess Luggage Benefit
✔$4,000 Return To Canada Benefit
✔$2,000 Canadian Hospitalization Benefit
✔$5,000 Inpatient Rehabilitation benefit

Travel Insurance Plan


  • Save time and money when you purchase our 23-day or 33-day Annual Plan.
  • Apply only once and travel an unlimited number of trips within the year, up to 23 or 33 days, respectively, and up to 182 days in Canada. Coverage for any trip can be topped up simply by calling for an extension for the full duration of your trip.
  • Both annual plans can also be added to your single trip plan as an Annual Add-on. The single trip must be at least 23 or 33 days in length, respectively.
  • Extensions and top-ups are available for trips under your Annual Add-on.
  • You are not required to notify Medipac before you depart on any short trip covered under your Annual Add-on. You are, however, required to provide proof of your trip start date, in the event of a claim.
  • Same preferred coverages and benefits as the Medipac Travel Insurance Plan.

NOTE: Pre-existing Conditions clauses apply prior to each and every trip, so be certain you are in compliance prior to travel.

Travel Insurance Plan


If you are one of many travellers who already have some form of travel medical insurance with a limited number of days, you can add Medipac Travel Insurance as a top-up and have it start the day after your other insurance expires.

For all top-up plans, the eligibility, rate category and pre-existing requirements apply prior to your effective date of insurance. Therefore, if you have a change in health after your date of travel and prior to your Medipac policy coming into effect, your coverage will be limited and/or possibly VOID. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase insurance with Medipac for the entire duration of your trip.

Travel Insurance Plan


Retired military personnel, RCMP officers and federal civil servants who participate in the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) are normally provided with up to $1,000,000 CAD in basic travel medical benefits, for the first 40 days of any trip. Medipac cautions that this is a limit which may not provide the necessary protection in the event of a major accident or illness while travelling.

Don’t just Top-Up; choose Medipac’s Superannuate Credit…
✔Double the Federal Superannuate benefit
✔24-hour emergency assistance from Medipac Assist
✔Medipac’s enhanced coverage from day one of your trip
✔Additional benefits not provided by PSHCP
✔Discounts for existing coverage
✔40-day, out-of-country annual plan at no extra cost

Travel Insurance Plan


For only $59, MedipacPLUS is an important endorsement that you can add to your regular Medipac Policy which includes 9 additional benefits to increase your coverage and save you money in the event of a claim. Included are the following:

✔$500 Pet Benefit
✔$500 Excess Luggage Benefit
✔$2,500 Relocation Benefit
✔$2,000 Return To Canada Benefit
✔$1,000 Canadian Hospitalization Benefit
✔$5,000 Accidental Death Insurance
✔$2,500 Inpatient rehabilitation benefit
✔Protect your Claim-Free Discount in the event of a claim
✔Increased Policy Benefit Maximum to $5,000,000 USD

  • NOTE: COVID-19 coverage limited to $2 million USD
  • For $5 million COVID-19 coverage you MUST upgrade to MedipacMAX (see above)
Travel Insurance Plan


If you do not qualify (are not eligible) for Medipac Travel Insurance (or any other plan), or if you need coverage for a “Pre-existing Condition” that would otherwise be excluded; CALL US and ask for our special Underwritten Application. Our medical staff can review your file and conditions and potentially offer a solution that helps you travel with proper coverage. In the past we’ve been able to offer coverage to over 70% of those that applied.

Please note: A change in health between your Application and Departure Date OR a change in medication may be deemed a Pre-Existing Condition. CALL US before you leave to understand how your coverage may be affected.

CALL US : 1-877-888-5259

We are here to help ensure that you travel with proper coverage.

Travel Insurance Plan