Insurance Update – CSANews Spring 2017

Posted on March 31st, 2020 by Medipac

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Gerry Brissenden, a Past President of the Canadian Snowbird Association. Gerry served the CSA for 17 years and held most executive posts during his long tenure. He was the ultimate volunteer and gave more of himself to others than you would even think possible. He was my friend.

Gerry battled the governments, he battled with the board and he battled with Medipac, all for the benefit of “his” CSA members. His history included being a “Bobbie” in England and one of the top salespeople for Playtex. His police background was always in evidence, with his inquiring mind and a relentless search for the real facts. He was a vocal supporter of all police endeavours and was especially involved with helping and promoting the Police Veterans’ associations. He was afraid of no one and spoke his mind, but everyone loved him, even his adversaries in government. His last battle was with cancer and he died a peaceful death, surrounded by family and friends, knowing that he had done his best. We will all miss him!

Medipac made special insurance arrangements for him to be able to attend CSA’s November board meeting and spend Christmas and New Year’s with friends in the U.S. He was hoping to stay for Extravaganza to accept his retirement awards, but that was not to be.

At this time, the province of Saskatchewan is trying to implement a sales tax on travel medical insurance. This would obviously increase premiums by 6% across the board and is very unfair to seniors who wish to travel in their hard-earned retirement. The irony is that the medical services which they are taxing are almost all provided OUTSIDE of Canada.

We have already fought this battle in Ontario, several years ago, and the Ontario government “saw the light” and issued Medipac an exemption from the tax as we provide only medical services (not taxable) and services provided outside of Canada (not taxable). Hopefully,Saskatchewan will also see the light and leave their seniors alone to enjoy their retirement.

We will also certainly remind them that travel insurance premiums are high to start with, because they are breaching the Canada Health Act portability provision.One of the issues that Gerry was very passionate about was the Canada Health Act, and the provincial governments’ failure to uphold the Act for all Canadians. If you want to help, a contribution to CSA’s Special Action Fund, in Gerry’s memory, would be appropriate.