A Remarkable Year for Snowbird Insurance

Posted on December 19th, 2023 by Medipac

Travel Insurance Claims

Travel medical insurance claims

Each day begins with an insightful glimpse into the latest developments in travel medical insurance claims landing at our door. The daily report sheds light on the volume of claims received, the projected payouts, and the demographics of those hospitalized, along with the underlying reasons for their claims.

One figure that invariably captures my attention is the current count of individuals receiving hospital care. In the bustling months of November and December, this figure typically oscillates between 20 and 35. Yet, this morning, it astonishingly stood at ONE. This unprecedented low signals a season of exceptional health and vitality among our snowbird community, free from the grip of Covid, RSV, significant heart and lung complications, or mishaps resulting from falls or accidents.

There’s a running joke that falling in love is encouraged, but falling down stairs or in the bathroom is a no-go. It appears our snowbirds are heeding this advice, particularly by steering clear of perilous falls. The diligent use of N95 masks in crowded spaces has also played a crucial role in sidestepping major Covid and RSV incidents.

Stress, a notorious trigger for heart attacks and strokes, demands our attention too. Embracing a laid-back approach, where stress simply “rolls off our backs,” is imperative. The energy and time consumed by stress-inducing situations are better invested elsewhere. It seems we’re getting better at this, adopting more cautious and health-conscious lifestyles. My own habits have evolved significantly, with daily walks becoming a non-negotiable part of my routine for enhanced health.

In an ideal world, the number of hospitalizations would dwindle to zero. While that may be overly optimistic, our collective efforts in minimizing risk factors for travel medical insurance claims are evidently bearing fruit.

This year stands out as a beacon of hope, potentially marking a “Magic Year” devoid of uncontrolled health issues and accidents for those with snowbird insurance. It’s time to embrace this opportunity and fully relish our lives, a privilege we’ve undoubtedly earned.

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