Impact of RSV on Travel Insurance Plans

Posted on August 2nd, 2023 by Medipac

The Emergence of RSV as a Senior Health Concern

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) has emerged as a significant health concern, not just for children but increasingly for seniors. My wife and I experienced severe symptoms. These included difficult breathing and high fevers. We felt overwhelmed by the intensity of these symptoms.

Despite seeking medical help, a diagnosis remained elusive. We underwent numerous tests and treatments. None provided clear answers. One night, a search led me to RSV. The symptoms matched ours perfectly.

Travel Insurance Challenges and Solutions

This experience highlights a broader challenge. RSV is expected to impact travel insurance claims significantly. It can lead to serious health complications. Recognizing this, the travel insurance industry must adapt.

Introducing the Early Bird Travel Insurance Plan

We are proud to introduce the 2023/24 Early Bird Travel Insurance Plan. It’s designed to address these emerging health risks. We’ve adjusted our rates in response to rising medical costs. However, we’ve also enhanced our loyalty and superannuate credits. This ensures our clients still receive great value.

Moreover, we’ve maintained our Covid vaccination discount for Early Bird enrollees, although its future for the main season remains uncertain amidst evolving perspectives on booster efficacy. Personally, I’ve chosen to forego further Covid boosters, a decision I believe aligns with the shifting landscape of vaccine benefits and concerns.

Early Bird Travel Insurance Guide

In these uncertain times, staying informed and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is more crucial than ever. Regular exercise and activities are key defences against ailments like RSV, ensuring we remain robust in our travels.

Our Early Bird Travel Insurance Plan offers comprehensive coverage tailored to current challenges. It provides peace of mind for snowbirds and senior travellers concerned about RSV and other health risks.

We invite you to embrace the upcoming season with confidence and applying for Early Bird Travel Insurance. Stay protected, stay healthy, and enjoy a wonderful summer.