How Canadian Travel Insurers are Managing Amidst Unprecedented Global Disruptions

Posted on May 8th, 2023 by Medipac

Overview of Current Industry Struggles

Trip Cancellation InsuranceThe travel insurance landscape in Canada is currently facing significant challenges. Prominent providers such as Manulife, Allianz, and Blue Cross have been negatively spotlighted in recent news articles and social media posts due to issues with claim payouts and processing delays. These companies have openly acknowledged facing severe backlogs, with one even issuing alerts about extended processing times due to unusually high claim volumes.

Customer Service Concerns in Travel Insurance

It’s increasingly common to hear about unresolved calls and delayed responses within the travel insurance industry. Customers report that their calls go unanswered for days, and voicemails remain unreturned. Even when contact is made, the follow-up often fails to materialize as promised.

Root Causes of Processing Delays

Why is this happening? The root of the issue is the overwhelming number of claims, driven by thousands of flight cancellations worldwide due to adverse weather, strikes, and technical issues. These disruptions have resulted in a massive influx of trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance claims. Furthermore, the chaos at airports has often led to misplaced or lost luggage, significantly increasing the volume of baggage claims.

The Impact on Emergency Medical Claims

With such high demand, there’s significant concern over the impact on travelers needing urgent medical attention, who find themselves lost in a congested system. This situation is exacerbated by a reported government statistic noting a backlog of almost 50,000 air passenger complaints, highlighting systemic issues in handling travel disruptions efficiently.

Medipac’s Strategic Approach to Travel Insurance

For over thirty, Medipac has primarily focused exclusively on emergency medical insurance. Recognizing that issues like baggage loss and trip cancellations are often minor inconveniences typically covered by other means such as home insurance policies or travel operators, Medipac has steered clear of these areas to specialize in what truly matters – travel medical insurance.

Why Choose Medipac?

Medipac prides itself on specializing in emergency medical insurance, ensuring that we are well-prepared to handle crises efficiently. We prioritize responsive customer service, ensuring timely and effective communication, which is crucial during emergencies.