Insurance Update – CSANews Summer 2021

Posted on July 23rd, 2021 by Medipac

It’s Time…
…to start thinking about travelling again. Last year was a mess for most people, with many snowbirds not travelling and most countries simply shut down. This year, it is very different. When my wife Pat got her second Moderna shot, she said that it was like someone had lifted an enormous burden off of her and it was almost euphoric. We had also been worrying about her 96-year-old mother, who had her second shot at the same time. Wow, what a difference a day makes, as the saying goes.

At this time, I would like to strongly recommend that you get your COVID virus vaccine if you are one of the few snowbirds who is still “sitting on the fence.” The statistics are so one-sided as to be almost unbelievable. Those who have been vaccinated are experiencing very rare cases of COVID, and these are almost universally mild in nature. Severe hospitalizations and COVID deaths are difficult to find, following any vaccination. That is close to being a miracle. It is a miracle.

Medipac has many travel insurance statistics and we are so confident in the vaccine’s effectiveness (any of the vaccines), that we are giving 5% off of our premiums to anyone who has had a COVID vaccine before travel. This 5% is in addition to our normal 5% Early Bird discount and our loyalty and claims-free discounts. Our Early Bird Program has just been released, but do not wait too long to take advantage of its many benefits.

Our MedipacPLUS endorsement will be limited to $2 million USD coverage for COVID but, if you purchase the MedipacMAX endorsement, it will increase to $5 million dollar USD maximum coverage, with other benefit increases, too. This was necessary to protect everyone from the very real hospital realities of a very serious COVID claim. We, of course, still insure you if you do not have the vaccinations, but some of the treatments to cure you cost as much as $75,000 per day. And then you have the joy of paying the hospital on top of that. Well, we actually do that, but you understand the issue, I am sure. Last year, there were several multimillion-dollar claims and Medipac is ready; are you? is ready and willing to issue your policy today at our Early Bird great rates. It’s fast, it’s easy, your discount is automatically calculated and your policy is issued right away. Lock in your EB discount and your new Vaccine discount today. And simply call us if you have any questions…

It’s About Time

P.S. Please be patient with us, as the phones are already ringing off the hook. You will not miss out on Early Bird pricing and discounts, but it may take us a little more time this year. Thank you for your understanding.