Navigating Pre-Existing Conditions: A Personal Take on Travel Insurance Choices

Posted on July 21st, 2022 by Medipac

Personal Experiences with Healthcare Delays

Anyone navigating the Canadian healthcare system knows the frustration of waiting for essential medical tests. A friend of mine faced a nerve-wracking delay when trying to schedule an MRI. With a recommended test every six months to monitor a benign condition, the next available slot was nearly five months away. Concerned about what could develop in that time, they made a tough call to get tested in the U.S. just two days later. Though this decision brought peace of mind, it was an expensive venture—not covered by travel insurance. This commonly referred to as “medical tourism”.

Considering Medical Tests Abroad: A Viable Yet Complex Option

Seeking medical tests abroad can seem like a quick fix to circumvent long waits at home. However, this decision carries significant out-of-pocket costs and is not covered under most travel insurance policies, including Medipac’s. It’s crucial to weigh the immediate benefits against the long-term financial implications and potential complications with insurance coverage. While it’s an option, it’s not necessarily recommended without careful consideration of all factors involved.

The Critical Role of Compliance in Travel Insurance Coverage

Sticking to prescribed medical treatments and tests isn’t just about managing your health; it directly impacts your travel insurance coverage. Delaying or ignoring doctor’s recommendations can leave you vulnerable, not only health-wise but also in terms of insurance eligibility. For instance, travel insurance typically won’t cover claims related to conditions that worsened due to non-compliance with medical advice. Always ensure you’re following up on treatments and securing all clearances before you pack your bags.

Medipac’s Approach to Covering Stable Pre-existing Conditions

Medipac understands the complexities of traveling with pre-existing conditions. They may be able to offer underwritten plans that provide coverage, where ineligible or conditions are not stable and or well-managed. It’s important to discuss your specific medical history with Medipac when planning your travel, to understand the nuances of your coverage. This dialogue ensures that you’re adequately covered, giving you one less thing to worry about as you travel.

When it comes to travel insurance and managing pre-existing conditions, the old adage “timing is everything” couldn’t be more accurate. From deciding when to seek medical tests to ensuring compliance with treatment plans, every decision plays a crucial role in your health and insurance coverage. Medipac’s tailored insurance solutions are designed to help travelers navigate these decisions, providing peace of mind every step of the way.