What Makes Medipac Travel Medical Insurance Stand Out

Posted on May 11th, 2022 by Medipac

Medipac Sets a New Record for Travel Medical Insurance Sales

Medipac has reached a new milestone in 2022, setting a record for travel medical insurance sales. With over 40 years in the business, we’ve seen significant growth, partly due to our unique Covid coverage and partly because of our customers’ word-of-mouth recommendations. Thank you for your ongoing support during these challenging times.

Comprehensive Covid Coverage Makes a Difference

Medipac stands out as one of the few insurance companies to offer comprehensive Covid coverage, despite the evolving strains. This unique offering has helped boost our sales and underscores our commitment to providing reliable travel medical insurance. We continue to cover our clients even when there’s a Covid travel advisory from the Canadian Government, offering peace of mind for those traveling during uncertain times.

Word of Mouth Drives Our Success

A significant factor in our success is the powerful word-of-mouth recommendations from our many satisfied clients. Our customers appreciate the excellent and caring claims service they receive, and they share their positive experiences with others. This has been a key driver in our growth, allowing us to reach new heights in the travel medical insurance industry.

Looking Ahead: Early Bird Launch and Snowbird Market

We’re excited about our upcoming Early Bird launch, and we hope to share positive news on the premium front soon. While we’re still navigating the final weeks of the snowbird market, we’re optimistic about what lies ahead. It’s been a wonderful year in snowbird country, with fewer restrictions, plenty of sunshine, and many opportunities to meet old and new friends. We hope you have a fantastic spring and summer, and we wish you a safe trip home if you’re still in the South.

Medipac’s success in 2022 is a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch travel medical insurance. We’re grateful for the continued support of our clients and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for choosing Medipac, and stay tuned for exciting updates on our Early Bird launch.