And now you know…

Posted on March 31st, 2020 by Medipac

…what our Canadian Snowbird Association directors do in their spare time. Ron Steeves is CSA’s First Vice-President and is the chair of the Government Lobby Committee. On top of their normal duties, each director is required to reach out to the snowbird community to “spread the word” and help attract new members through meetings and get-togethers. A golf tournament, a picnic lunch, an evening BBQ or a formal presentation at a local community centre are all great venues.

These grassroots meetings are reported to President Karen and shared with all board members, basically, on a quarterly basis. This is Ron Steeves’ report.

RON STEEVES, Director-Atlantic Canada

COMMUNIQUE – January to March 30, 2019

January 25 – 31: Snowbird Extravaganza and annual CSA meetings


It should be noted that Ron & Judy placed hundreds of picnic fliers on Canadian-licensed vehicles in mall parking lots; flea markets, supermarket lots, & RV parks from Zephyrhills to Bradenton & Sarasota (including Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg and New Port Richey).

February 7:    Harborside Condo Park, South Pasadena; 43 attend,10 new members

February 16:  Southern Charm Park, Zephyrhills; 300 attend,24 members

February 18:  N.B. picnic, Fort DeSoto, assisted by Bob & Charlene Herman; 500+,25 members

February 21:  Military Police, Fort DeSoto; 12 attend, 6 members

February 26:  Winter Information Meeting, Master of Ceremonies, Bradenton

February 27:  Winter Information Meeting, Clearwater

February 28:  Top of the World Condo Park, Clearwater; 40 attend, 11 members

March 6:         Sleepy Hollow Park, Zephyrhills; est. 24 attend, 10 members

March 7:         Newfoundland/Labrador picnic; est. 600 attend, 25 members

March 8:         Fairway Village, Largo, accompanied by Wallace & Ann Weylie;est. 175attend,14 members

March 10:       Prince Edward Island picnic, Fort DeSoto Park;est. 300 attend,53 members

March 19:       Ontario picnic, Fort DeSoto Park – cancelled on site, due to rain & cold winds.

March 24:       Nova Scotia picnic, Lake Seminole Park, assisted by Bob & Lois Slack;195 attend,29 members


Received 110 applications, resulting in 144 new members and 65 renewal members.

Membership Sales: 96 one-year; 3 two-year; 5 three-year; 4 five-year; 2 lifetime memberships.

Friendship Pin sales: $91.00

A total of 10 events, excluding Snowbird Extravaganzaand thetwo Winter Information meetings.

You will notice that these meetings are all over the place and require some travelling, of course. What you may not notice is that the Snowbird Extravaganza and the Winter Information Meetings are just another entry. Let me explain. The January 25-31entry involves two full days of board meetings and an Extravaganza Orientation Day. During the actual Extravaganza − a two-day event − directors and their spouses are asked to be on their feet for most of the day and to greet the thousands of CSA members and visitors who come to see them and to ask questions. They are also front and centre at the Canadian Snowbird Association’s Annual General Meetingheld in the morning of the second day.

Winter Information Meetings are a little easier but, again, the directors and spouses are on their feet for most of the day greeting members and, again, answering their many questions.

Oh…and the provincial picnics – more long days on their feet standing at the CSA booth doing, guess what? Greeting members and answering their questions…and always convincing non-members to join. I call Director Steeves the Picnic King, as he has always found wonderful volunteers to help out and is usually the master of ceremonies at each picnic, as well.

All of the above events were brilliantly supported by Ron’s lovely wife Judy, and she works as hard as he does. These two are quite a pair and they willingly and selflessly donate their time and efforts to the Canadian Snowbird Association to HELP OTHERS. This is just another report from Director Steeves among many and…now you know.

I would like to make special mention of Myrna Stewart who has been organizing and running the Nova Scotia picnic for many years and who is retiring this year. She is also a past recipient of the CSA President’s Award. Thanks for everything, Myrna, and I hope to see you there again next year.