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Travel Insurance Isn't A Waiting Game

17 September, 2015 | Travel Medical Insurance

What could be more torturous than waiting in the doctor's office? If you booked an appointment just half an hour ago – or maybe longer than that – wouldn't the waiting period be all the more excruciating? Worse, you're waiting for hours and hours in the hospital emergency room just to have your emergency treated. Both situations are not only terrifying but they can drive you out of your mind.

Is it really necessary to prolong the agony or be exposed to other sick people for long periods of time? You're in the hospital to get treatment, but the excessive waiting time only makes you more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses circulating in crowded hospital rooms. For how long should this situation go on? You go from waiting room to another. There's no end in sight. Shouldn't there be a solution to this dire situation?

It may not be easy to affect these waiting periods positively but there are simple things within our means that we can do. A disturbing trend developed among a few snowbird clients recently. While away, they wait before seeking medical treatment or advice. The Medipac travel insurance team reviewed several individual claims and our survey generated unexpected results.

Here are the reasons why people wait before seeking medical attention:

Regardless of their reasons, these shouldn't be considered as strategies. We simply noticed how very complicated certain hospital procedures were, which were rather fishy because there were hardly any warnings before the complications took form. Yes, there were warnings but the early signs of complications were not taken seriously for the aforementioned reasons.

These “waiting games” are far more dangerous than you realize. In those seconds, minutes and hours you spend waiting, you become more and more at risk. Did you know you can touch base with our medical experts here at Medipac Travel Insurance 24 hours a day, 7 times a week? We see no reason why you shouldn't call. Calling us is free of risks and will not cost you anything. We provide easy remedies, almost every time, for every symptom detected early. You need not have to worry overmuch about your health too. Just leave it all to us.

The only way to deal with this waiting problem is to present real facts. You most definitely can buy insurance next year. Less than 1 percent cannot buy our travel insurance plans and they're those who shouldn't be allowed to travel anyway. Next year prices might surge but if you're willing to invest in your health, that's not much of an issue.

You'll be able to retain your claim-free discount by purchasing Medipac Plus. More often than not, your discount may go up by 1 percent if you have one more year of Medipac's Loyalty Credit.

Medipac's medical professionals know a great deal about foreign, particularly U.S., healthcare systems and the protocols they adhere to. Medipac Travel Insurance seeks to help clients navigate through this complicated web and get access to proper care on schedule. Prolonged hospital stays in the U.S. means more money for their local hospitals. They can run more tests and administer more drugs at higher prices. We believe that if you fix your health problems through the right methods, you can enjoy your life more fully.

Those who purchased high deductibles (i.e. $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000) either had other coverage or were confident no problems would arise while travelling. So if you take your time seeking medical advice, it's going to cost you more. Because there's no cost in calling our medical hotline, we encourage you to call Medipac as early as today. We can lend an ear, discuss your symptoms and offer further advice.

If you're keen on saving money, then you're in luck because Medipac Travel Insurance offers competitive rates at hospitals and doctors' clinics because we handle several medical claims. Calling us first will surely SAVE you money.

Believe it or not, Medipac Travel Insurance helps you pay your bills! The only time we don't is when we discover we're being lied to. As long as our clients tell us the truth, let us know what's really going on with their health, we take care of any bills which had to be covered or paid.

“I don’t want to go home.” Who isn't aware of this common waiting excuse? I guess someone has to understand that they've got it all wrong. Medipac Travel Medical Insurance does not send people home unless the complications have reached complex proportions and involve a long period of recovery. We pay people so they could receive treatment. But it's an entirely different story when the client contracts a serious medical issue. You have to forget your vacation – the sunny weather and beaches – and concentrate on getting better instead. After you're well enough to stand on your feet, you can always go back and relive your interrupted vacation.

What's so bad about going home? Perhaps you ought to be aware of these “Go Home” facts to allay your fears. There was a year when Medipac insured more than 30,000 people and evacuated 79 of them through air ambulance because they had serious conditions. More than 50 got first-class plane tickets just to see their doctors back home. The stats aren't as bad as many people think and, rest assured, nearly every one of these clients were thankful to have returned home safely.

I may have said it many times but just to get the message across, I need to say it again. CALL MEDIPAC for all your travel insurance concerns!

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