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Travel Insurance for Seniors Over 65

19 August, 2016 | Travel Insurance

Many people have began to recognize retirement as a catalyst for more international travels with a number of retirees heading over to warmer climates abroad. Ironically, senior travellers have difficulty getting the coverage they need even though quality of life has improved and they can now live longer, healthier and more active lifestyles.

Senior Travel Insurance in a Nutshell

Because of the attendant risks of old age, it is a general rule for travel insurance prices to increase the older you become. Clients between the age of 16 and 64 usually belong to a single age group while seniors 65 above are charged with bigger premiums.

Despite being in generally good health, some seniors are left with little choice but to comply with these rules. Thankfully, not all travel insurance providers are the same. There are those who will always take seniors, particularly the 65 above age group, into consideration.

Senior travel insurance has a higher price range compared to other types of travel insurance but offers an array of emergency medical benefits not otherwise provided to the lower age bracket.

Travel Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

Medical claims are pretty common for older travellers. Pre-existing conditions like heart ailments, high blood pressure, high blood glucose and the like increase the likelihood of raising a claim. The trick to receiving the insurance coverage you need is to be truthful about your medical history during the application process. Failure to inform your travel insurance provider of pre-existing conditions – even recently diagnosed ones – will automatically make your claim null and void.

More Travel Insurance Options

Retirees who travel frequently often stay abroad for a lengthy time. Seniors who regularly travel each year should go for a multi-trip policy to reduce travel costs. Getting a multi-trip travel insurance will save you more than when you purchase a single trip plan for each trip you'll be taking in a year. In addition, if they're only travelling within Canada, a Canada-only travel insurance package would be a much wiser choice.

You can add more coverage features to your existing policy (i.e. trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight cancellation and disasters), which may add up to your travel insurance costs but will nevertheless save you thousands of dollars in the event of an emergency.

Ways to Minimize Travel Expenses

Senior travellers can avoid financial setbacks before, during and after their trip by considering these pieces of advice:

Travel safely, senior travellers!

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