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There's So Much to Learn About Travel Insurance

22 September, 2015 | Travel Medical Insurance

The more you travel, the more you realize how important travel insurance is. Learning more about travel insurance also makes you realize just how much you need Medipac.

Travel insurance has its dark side too. Once upon a time, two snowbirds failed to buy Medipac. Clients must understand that a serious medical situation while travelling can breed a lot of complications. You will have to put up with intricate and rather slow procedures as well. There are all kinds of insurance plans out there and each company has something different to offer. Expect the policy content and medical questionnaires to be different as well. They also respond to medical emergencies and treat clients differently. Each company has its own method of paying claims.

Everyone must have read their travel insurance policy, but interpretation can sometimes be problematic. Like a double-edged sword, a policy may be interpreted for or against you. All the more reason for you to get Medipac. Wherever you intend to go – whether it's a province within Canada or a foreign country – always purchase travel insurance. Baggage insurance, trip cancellation insurance and flight insurance are just add-ons so consider them only after getting a travel medical insurance plan. And there's no better plan to purchase than Medipac Travel Insurance.

One potential client asked if the Canadian Snowbird Association knows how well Medipac is performing in as far as paying claims is concerned. What an insightful question and my answer is to purchase Medipac. The CSA board receives four Medipac performance reports each year. Anyone unhappy with our service can simply give us a call and our dedicated team will endeavour to enlighten you or improve your opinion.

You can certainly complain to CSA should you have problems with the way Medipac handles claims and provides assistance. These complaints are rather rare, though. In fact, they're limited to between 2 and 3 per year. Almost every complaint has been resolved thus far. We credit this high satisfaction rate and high client trust to all our hardworking staff, who put their best foot forward in the name of great service. This is also the very reason why we're exclusively endorsed by the Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.

Everyone who has had a bad experience with travel insurance would hopefully buy Medipac this year.

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