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Snowbird Talk: Income Tax, Period of Stay, Travel Medical Insurance Coverage for Blood Tests

28 July, 2018 | Travel Medical Insurance


The Canadian Snowbird Association’s quarterly Snowbird Talk, a collection of letters from snowbird members and Editor’s responses, is now a fixture in the lives of many snowbirds.

In fact, and this is something the association and Medipac will always be thankful for, this special magazine segment has become the saving grace of many Canadian snowbirds and travellers.

Whether staying within Canada or travelling elsewhere in the world, enjoying the sun, sea and sand, the quarterly CSANews section contains a handful of golden nuggets. And they’re worth looking into whenever you have questions about travel tax, immigration policies and travel medical insurance.

Here’s another round of Snowbird Talk. Today’s segment will highlight a new set of issues encountered by Canadian seniors staying overseas throughout winter. The CSANews Editorial Team has done their best to provide well-research and verified answers.

Income Tax in the U.S. and Period of Stay

Issue # 1: If you’re earning income in the United States, should you file a U.S. tax return? The Tax Convention between Canada and the United States mandates that earnings sourced from the latter can be declared on a Canadian tax return to prevent double taxation.

ED notes:

Earning income in the U.S. requires the filing of a tax return, which covers income earned from rentals. The treaty between the United States and Canada allows you to get some degree of reimbursement for any U.S. taxes once you complete your Canadian tax return.

Some Canadians are guilty of undercover rental deals, renting out their U.S. property to other Canadians. We highly discourage this business. Severe penalties shall apply for everyone caught carrying out “under the table” deals. Taxes are affordable for the most part. Our advise is to consult a U.S.-based accountant.

Issue #2: If you have a home on the other side of the Canadian border, visiting there just before winter begins, would those days in-transit to Canada be counted as part of the 182-day maximum period of stay in the U.S.?

ED notes:

Yes. All those days before you exited the U.S. will be added to your maximum period of stay.

Travel Medical Insurance Coverage for Blood Tests & Donations

Issue #3: Do you recommend mobile pharmacy tests for monitoring chronic conditions?

ED notes:

If you can recall, on the summer 2017 issue of CSANews, we talked about the regular care and tracking of chronic health conditions. Sure, you went through a series of pharmacy tests until you encounter a situation that requires you to seek medical attention outside of your province. Worse, such need for medical assistance stems from the tests you were subjected to and no travel insurance can cover you for that.

Issue # 4: If a person insured by Medipac undergoes some out-of-province blood tests every month to monitor a pre-existing condition, which results to a medical situation instead (e.g. infection), will Medipac Travel Insurance cover the insured person?

ED notes:

As long as the medical situation arising from such a test is something new or not related to the pre-existing condition, then Medipac will provide full coverage. The blood test is not covered, however, but subsequent reactions, infections or health difficulties will be covered.

Issue # 5: Can a person insured by Medipac donate blood to a blood bank while outside of Canada for the winter season?

ED notes:

Medipac Travel Insurance is a strong advocate of donating blood to help others. So join blood banks and blood drives, whenever and wherever you can.

The Early Bird Promo

Medipac hotlines have already been bombarded with calls and professionals from Medipac Assist are doing their best to answer every enquiry. This is not an unusual situation since the Early Bird promo has been in full force since the 1st of July 2018.

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The promo will end this August 13. By then, you should have purchased the perfect package for your winter escapade. Remember, if you have multiple trips within the year, it’s best to buy an annual travel insurance plan to save up on costs.

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Safe travels, snowbirds!

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