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The Snowbird Grit and a Little Help from Travel Health Insurance

03 October, 2018 | Travel Medical Insurance

travel medical insurance for seniors CSA New 108Snowbirds are amazing. They can maintain their peace of mind despite the surrounding chaos and carry out their lifestyle without interventions - well, for the most part.

Outside of the generally secure snowbird bubble are political upheavals and opinions that divide the public. And these are commonplace in both Canada (their homeland) and the United States - the top destination for snowbirds in the last few decades. Need we add the wars fought in various parts of the world and issues of race and groundless hate into this narrative?

But not for snowbirds.

There is no such thing as weather if you're a snowbird traveller. Once in a while, you do cross your fingers and hope you don't run into an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a heat wave, tornadoes, hurricanes or a massive flood.

There's so much more to think about. The undying issue of global warming and climate change, foggy countries where you can hardly see your neighbours, islands drowned from view due to rising sea levels and rivers overflowing and leaving millions of people homeless.

And many would never have entertained the idea of getting inside an elevator in Toronto only to end up in a heavily flooded basement with water levels as high as the elevator you just rode. As if by stroke of luck or maybe by fate's design, the parties involved were subsequently rescued. Lest we forget, more snowbirds have had lost their homes to forest fires and other fire incidents.

But aren't we thankful that generally snowbirds lead active and joyful lives with a little help from our reliable travel health insurance partner every now and then? Real world disasters don't seem to faze us.

"We should all pause and thank our God and, if that does not work for you, then you should thank your lucky stars." - J. Ross Quigley, Editor

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