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Medipac Travel Insurance Achieved Record-Breaking Sales

29 July, 2015 | Travel Medical Insurance

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the hard work and dedication of your employees pay off.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients who have continued to support and place their trust in us. The Early Bird season has been a breakthrough and Medipac Travel Medical Insurance achieved record-breaking sales in its 30-year history in the business. In addition to providing the highest Claim-Free Discounts and Loyalty ever recorded, we also earned more than $2 million dollars in a single day (the highest ever). Though snowbird travel is likely to increase by only 4% this winter season, the total number of purchases surged by 17.5 percent last year. However, it seems that forecasters are proposing to cut back on travel, particularly to places in Europe and the Caribbean.

Volatility has gripped the world if earthquakes and volcano eruptions in the Pacific Ring of Fire, riots in Europe, turmoil in Latin America and the Caribbean and a string of terror-ridden conflicts in the Middle East were any indicator. Things are looking pretty good in southern United States despite some small problems in certain areas.

We are planning to take a trip to Florida come November, what with a busy schedule and several meetings to attend to. Next stop would be in Arizona. We plan to get there in two weeks' time to meet with the Weylies and our Western Extravaganza show crew. Seeing one of our recent Snowbird Lifestyle Presentations in Ontario, I was amazed at how wonderfully entertaining it was. One gentleman even enquired about the benefits of joining the Canadian Snowbird Association. He was convinced to join after I told him to watch our free show. What a great experience! Without a doubt our U.S. shows will have more in store for you. See you there soon!

As always, travel safely and, hopefully, you will be travelling with Medipac Travel Insurance.


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