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Medipac Travel Insurance 23-Day Annual Plan Benefits

06 October, 2015 | Travel Medical Insurance

Are you a frequent traveller?

Do you intend to take multiple trips next year or in the years to come?

Does each foreign trip in your year-round itinerary good for 23 days or less?

Are you planning to take a trip anywhere in Canada for not more than 182 days per trip?

Do you want to save up on your travel insurance premiums?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then look no further. Take advantage of the 23-Day Annual Trip Plan as soon as you can!


Instead of applying for insurance every time you book a trip, the Annual Plan processes your application only once and all the trips you'll be taking for the entire year will already be covered.

What you get out of the Medipac Travel Insurance 23-Day Annual Trip Plan:

NOTE: The Pre-Existing Condition clause applies to every trip under your travel insurance plan so make sure you comply with the requirements stipulated in the provision before boarding the plane or cruise ship.

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