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It's the Best Time to Get Travel Insurance!

24 September, 2015 | Travel Medical Insurance

Many of our readers may have already gotten their insurance packages by now. But why is it the perfect time to wear your travel insurance hat, you ask?

In truth, though, these travel insurance window-shoppers are just looking for some good advice such as what plan to buy or where to buy it from. They may even wonder why they should answer several medical questionnaires or if they could get the same coverage for much cheaper prices. Worries about who'd pay their claims, whether the travel insurance provider will really help them or if this is really the provider suitable for them are commonplace. Of course, terms like “small policy print” may escape their undersanding and it's pretty normal to have misgivings because they're not sure how honest, caring, financially stable or good the provider is.

Whatever your questions and concerns are, you don't need a highfalutin answer. We only have one simple offer and that's Medipac Travel Insurance! Get to know us better through our core principles:

There's a simple approach to detecting whether you bought the right travel insurance program: know what other people have to say about the provider. At times, you barely get the information you need. But this is exactly the reason why Medipac holds FREE events across the United States and Canada. We want to bring people together so as to enlighten them and further their understanding about travel insurance. Rarely do you see a travel insurer that gives people the opportunity to discuss their thoughts in front of a thousand. We never fail to listen!

Thousands of snowbirds have been encouraged to express what they do NOT like about our travel insurance programs through the “It's Not Fair” segment. All changes to our programs and travel insurance standards were done in accordance with your input.

FACT: Medipac employs more doctors and nurses per-policy than other providers, not to mention an executive team with years of risk and travel insurance experience. These are exactly the people who should be looking after you whenever a claim occurs. Service and competence can never be bought.

Another thing you ought to know is that Medipac Travel Insurance is exclusively endorsed by the Canadian Snowbird Association, the largest group of long-term travellers, for close to two decades now. Medipac is also the proud exclusive Benefit Partner for the Royal Canadian Legion.

That wraps up our travel insurance discussion today. If you have questions, concerns or anything to say to us, remember that we're just a phone call away!

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