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2017: A Celebratory Year for Snowbirds and Travel Insurance

04 January, 2018 | Travel Insurance

2017 was a great year for both the snowbird community and travel insurance. Many of us have weathered storms, hurricanes, wildfires and public disturbances that seemed to have propagated across North America last year. 2018 has a lot more in store and everyone looks forward to its promise.

Last year, The Canadian Snowbird Association celebrated its 25th founding anniversary. The celebration was made even more meaningful with the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, which coincidentally fell on the same occasion.


The CSA commemorated the important event at 20 different locations and with 20 communities across Canada and the United States. The extensive anniversary celebration contributed to raising CSA’s profile among hundreds and thousands of new members. Medipac Travel Insurance was also instrumental to making the event possible. In solidarity with the CSA, all snowbird travel insurance policies enjoyed a $25 discount. The promo lasted throughout the travel season.

Medipac Travel Insurance Canada also launched their yearly Early Bird program, which came with a $25 silver certificate for all snowbirds who purchase with their family. The result was an impressive $50 savings. For the main program, all travel insurance rates were reduced by $25. Other applicable rate reductions were implemented as well.

There were many reasons to celebrate last year and hopefully, as CSA and Medipac grow from strength to strength, this year too.


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