I am not eligible for the Medipac Plan; how can I purchase Individual Underwritten Insurance?

Medipac has developed Individual Underwritten Insurance for those who do not qualify for coverage or find themselves excluded from coverage due to recent changes in their health, changes in their medications or hospitalizations within the past year. Completing a more detailed questionnaire enables our medical staff to thoroughly assess an individual’s health and determine if coverage can be offered, and if so, at what price.

Due to the more detailed nature of the application, and the need for each application to be reviewed by our medical underwriting team, we are unable to provide personalized quotations immediately over the phone. Underwritten applications can be requested via our Specialty Services Department at 1-877-888-5259 or 416-391-9016. Once your fully completed application is received by the Specialty Services Department, you will be notified of your offer of acceptance or decline within 7 to 10 business days. Offers of acceptance expire after 60 days, so if you are going to accept the offer you must confirm in writing within that time frame.