What is the maximum time I can travel outside of my home province?

To remain eligible for your Canadian provincial/territorial government health insurance, you cannot travel outside your province/territory of residence for a total of more than 7 months (212 days) within a year, or 6 months (183 days) if you live in Quebec, PEI or Nunavut. This includes travel within Canada. A year may be a calendar year or a 12-month period; check with your ministry of health for full details. Foreign countries have their own rules on how long they will permit a visitor to stay within their borders. In the U.S., Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers have complete authority to limit your stay, for any reason, to a duration less than the 6-month maximum; they can also deny your entry altogether. In addition, CBP officers may use a simplified method of calculating your maximum 6 month stay (6×30=180), which could result in your being admitted for less than 183 days.

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