I’ll be staying longer in destination than expected. How can I purchase an extension of coverage?

Extensions may be available for policies that are still in force, and have not yet expired.

To extend your policy, simply call our customer service centre at 1-800-633-4722 (or direct from outside the U.S. and Canada at (416) 441-7070) at least 5 days before your Medipac Travel Insurance Policy expires. All extensions must be applied for and, if approved, paid for by credit card in advance. No extensions will be granted if you had an event that resulted or may result in a claim under your Medipac Travel Insurance Policy. In addition, if you sought medical attention and you are not submitting a claim, your extension is not guaranteed. A declaration of good health must be made and a brief questionnaire answered before an extension can be issued, therefore extensions cannot be completed by email. Extensions are available in trip length units as published. A non-refundable $10 administration fee per person, per extension will apply.

Remember that the Annual Add-on is for trips of up to either 23 or 33 days only (depending on which option you chose). If you want to travel for longer than 23 or 33 days you must call in to purchase additional coverage.