How can I complete an application and purchase a Policy?

You can purchase your insurance online. The Medipac website has a complete copy of the policy for you to review prior to purchase, so there are no surprises. Purchasing online is the most efficient way to buy your insurance coverage. Once you have completed your application and paid your premium, your policy confirmation documents will be sent to your email immediately. It’s that simple! If for some reason you do not receive your confirmation immediately, try checking your junk (spam) folder instead of your inbox. If you still have not received it, call 1-800-633-4722 or 416-441-7070. Our representatives are here to help.

You can also purchase coverage by completing a hard copy application and mailing it to our office, along with your premium payment. Be sure to complete the application in full; should you miss completing a part of your application it will need to be returned to you for completion and resubmitted prior to issuing a policy, which may further delay processing. Once all is complete, payment is received, and your application is processed, your policy confirmation will be forwarded to you by mail.

Irrespective of your purchase method, we recommend that you buy your policy early to ensure that coverage is in place before you travel. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid policy prior to travelling.