Insurance Update CSANews Summer 2022

Posted on July 21st, 2022 by Medipac

Timing is Everything

One of my sons is required to be tested with an MRI on his brain, approximately every six months. In early June, it was again time for his testing and he attempted to book an appointment at the local laboratory. Unbelievably, the first appointment that was available was October 29, four-and-a-half months away. The things that can happen, medically, in four months could be very dangerous. I insisted that he get the MRI immediately − instead of waiting − and we booked an MRI in the U.S. two days later. It was a very small price to pay, given the other possible outcomes. Fortunately, he passed the test with flying colours and our worries were over. But what if this were a cancer, a circulation issue or a gastrointestinal issue? He could have died waiting for that MRI and I am certain that many people do in fact die, or have a cancer that would subsequently be out of control and possibly incurable.

Canada’s Medicare system is fraught with peril due to the extensive waiting periods for a simple MRI, a CT scan or a similar test. In fact, simply waiting for a doctor’s appointment and then further waiting for a specialist referral and then, even further waiting for the proper tests to determine a diagnosis, can result in death and/or unnecessary disability. When serious illnesses and conditions arise, timing is everything.

When the issue turns out to be a fast-acting cancer that a two-, three- and even four-month or longer wait can allow to take complete control of your body… the results are obvious.

Timing can also be critical because of a lack of available doctors. In Florida, for instance, there are daily ads in the newspaper which announce the retirements of local doctors. In parts of Canada, the same thing is happening. I know of one current situation in New Brunswick in which a doctor just up and moved to a different city. He had more than 600 patients whom he was treating for many and varied illnesses. What do these people do now? Finding a doctor to take you on as a new patient is one of the most unfair and difficult things to resolve. Canada does not have enough doctors, or nurses for that matter. Doctors from overseas are not allowed to practise without passing numerous tests and relearning their education − which can take years. Medical schools have severe limitations on the number of students who can enrol in their programs. Why? If you find yourself in a position such as this, then please work very hard to get a family doctor. Don’t wait until you really need one, as that simply adds more time to your possible cure. Contact your minister of health and the local hospitals. Get a referral as soon as you can, now, while you are healthy. And we can all use another “work up,” even if we are experiencing no symptoms.

I know several people who have died from colon cancer. At least three of them had colon cancer in their family but none − I repeat none − had been tested with a simple colonoscopy or perhaps even a virtual colonoscopy, if you are squeamish. They even have non-invasive pretests that you can use. So…don’t wait for symptoms, get tested now. And if anything runs in your family, PLEASE GET TESTED NOW − it can save your life.

Annual blood tests are also a great way to stay on top of your health. What is your blood pressure? Are you managing your cholesterol? Are your EEG and EKG normal. Find out NOW. Your doctor can, and will, recommend these tests and they can be arranged very quickly; just do it.

As this is supposed to be an insurance update, I would recommend that you see your doctor soon. Medipac has a 90-day, pre-existing exclusion clause and it is best to get medication adjustments at least 90 days prior to travel. That way, we can insure you properly, even for a new condition, in most cases.

And, as I am sure that you are aware, Medipac has just launched our new Early Bird Travel Insurance program. We still offer full Covid coverage, including the many variations, and our rates are very similar to last year. We have reduced our Annual Add-on rates by a little more than 10% and this is really excellent coverage as it includes six months of coverage while travelling in Canada, as well.

We are expecting an onslaught of new clients this year and we will be very, very busy. I recommend that you enrol in our Early Bird program NOW and avoid the last-minute rush.

Timing is Everything!