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If your upcoming birthday places you in the next higher age band, your premium can increase by 20-60%.

You can save money by departing earlier than planned, prior to your birthday. Even if you purchase a longer trip, your travel insurance premium may be lower, because you can now use a less costly age band.

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Annual Add-on: Save time and money with Medipac's 23-day Annual Travel Insurance Add-on. Either add it to your main season trip plan or buy it as a "stand alone" product. Save time by having to apply only once for travel insurance, and save money when you travel 2 or more times. Coverage is for an unlimited number of international trips up to 23 days, and up to 90 days within Canada, outside your home province.

MedipacPLUS: Protect your Claim Free Discount while increasing your coverage from $2 million to $5 million USD. MedipacPLUS also includes Return to Canada, Accidental Death and Enhanced Medical Evacuation benefits, all for one low price of $59. Read the MedipacPLUS Endorsement...

Family Plan: If you and your spouse are under the age of 61, and travel with your children (<40 days), enrol in the Medipac Family Travel Insurance Plan and cover up to 4 people on the same plan for one low price.

Easy Trip Extensions: Leaving a few days early, or returning home a few days late? Don’t take the chance travelling without coverage. Simply call Medipac for an extension from wherever you are.

Personalize Insurance Quotation: If you do not qualify (not eligible) for Medipac Travel Insurance, or if you want coverage for a “Pre-existing Condition” that would otherwise be excluded, call and ask for our Special Underwriting Application so we can review your case. In the past we’ve been able to offer coverage to over 70% of those that applied.

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