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Compare Travel Insurance Reviews: How to Choose

Travel insurance reviews of Canada's most experienced long-term travellers, members of the Canadian Snowbirds Association, have indicated that comprehensive coverage followed by low rates and ease of purchase as the most important attributes to consider when comparing and purchasing a travel medical insurance plan.

What the travel insurance reviews did not compare, however, was the importance of the medical emergency assistance services that support the travel insurance plan.

Travel Insurance: Emergency Assistance Services

Travel insurance emergency assistance services is a topic that rarely is discussed by other travel insurance providers and is hardly found in marketing materials. There is a reason for this; most travel medical insurance plans outsource these critical services to unrelated third parties where your calls for assistance may be answered by "call-center clerks".

Medipac Assist, on the other hand, staffs our own medical professionals to answer your calls for assistance during a medical emergency while travelling. Our doctors and nurses are your most important asset while travelling, and they can help you navigate the often complicated foreign medical systems should you ever need their help.

Who would you rather talk to during a medical emergency?

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