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Market Updates and the Early Bird Travel Insurance Trademark

26 July, 2016 | Travel Insurance

My sincerest gratitude to everyone who has provided an honest feedback. Your answers will be instrumental in helping us improve our services in as much as they will enable us to record all new changes and developments in the snowbird community.

This year has seen a string of expenses for our snowbirds – a situation perpetuated by the Canadian dollar's fluctuating value. With Obamacare in the picture, U.S. medical costs continued to speed past inflation rates. The much-anticipated medical care co ops failed to live up to expectations even though many thought the new system could have been a great move for Canada. Either they're bankrupt or being liquidated. In a bid to pay for their health care plans, U.S. citizens have to put up with huge deductibles they can barely afford. A number of hospitals are caught up in a survival game, what with bad debt write-offs worth millions of dollars and the need to acquire more funds for operation. Insured individuals outside of the state, some from Canada and some from Europe, become easy targets due to the fact that they do not vote. Anyone can be a target. Everywhere it's soaring – be it prices or insurance costs.

The $0.75 area seems to be a safe zone for the Canadian dollar. One U.S. dollar is equivalent to $1.33. The difference can be baffling. Let's just say you will get back $0.75 USD after spending a loonie. Every $1.00 USD will therefore cost you $1.33 CAD. Looking at it from both angles, you will get the exact same exchange rate. So while we're on this topic, we encourage you to try the CSA's Currency Exchange Program if you want more savings and something that works to your advantage!

Let's return to the dollar discussion. Indeed, the overall outlook for the upcoming snowbird season is oozing with positive vibes. Exchange rates are set to move steadily at the $0.75 level or a little lower, according to economic experts and banks. The system has already absorbed the damage and nothing much can be done about it. Nevertheless, the commodity economy continues to grow in strength while oil has regained some footing (a good omen for the future). Those of you with gold and silver stocks in the last few months can rejoice over your unbelievable gains. As always, stocks double and triple – a fairly common occurrence. Hopefully, you took advantage of the huge gold and silver price increases. Metals are close to double current prices and though we may be far below, you can very well go higher.

And of course, the real Early Bird Travel Insurance is here and you can all look forward to bigger and more awesome discounts. Be on the lookout for CSA and Medipac logos before buying a plan. “Early Bird Travel Insurance” has been trademarked to ward off imitators and competitors bent on copying the features of our Medipac program. Please do not be misled. When you have a claim, you'd be at a disadvantage.

Last but not the least, the post office has been on strike. If you happen to read this article from mid-July, rest assured your Early Bird pricing will remain the same until Post Office operations normalize. Everything is fine for the most part.

Happy summer!

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