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How to Deal with Flight Delays and Cancellations

15 April, 2016 | Travel Insurance

Ever had that experience when your feelings of excitement suddenly turn into disappointment or frustration? Many travellers must have felt their spirits soar thinking about what awaits them on the other side of the world only to be disheartened by news of a cancelled or delayed flight. Just when you thought you've prepared yourself enough for this trip, a flight delay or cancellation catches you off guard and ruin your excited mood.


Unfortunately, flight delays and cancellations are unavoidable and ambivalent. They happen all the time for a variety of reasons. Bad weather could be one. At times, technical or health-threatening issues. Travellers may need to be extra patient because delays and cancellations usually take time before they get sorted out. Rant as you might, resolutions do not take effect immediately.

To spare you from stress and exhaustion, here are few tips to consider:




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