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Every travel insurance policy has limitations and conditions. Ensure you understand the Pre-existing Condition Clause of your policy, and note that these conditions usually apply before your departure date, NOT when you purchased the policy. If you purchase an annual plan, these conditions apply to the departure date of each and every trip.

Medipac’s 90-day stability period and clause wording combine to be one of the fairest and most liberal Pre-existing Condition clauses in the industry.

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Selecting Medipac Travel Insurance means choosing Quality, Value, Reliability and Financial Strength. The Medipac group of companies ("Medipac") has been developing and servicing specialized travel insurance products since the 1980s. Medipac is a trusted brand in the travel insurance industry, known for delivering comprehensive products and services that add value to customers' needs. 

Medipac's management team is comprised of a dedicated group of seasoned, licensed insurance professionals - all servicing our clients with 18 to 35 years of experience in the insurance business, and many belonging to various key industry professional organisations including the Canadian Society of Chartered Insurance Professionals, Advocis, Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario and other provincial regulating authorities. Medipac is also a long-standing and founding member of the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada with many employees within our group of companies devoting their time and energy to the association's work. In Quebec, Medipac International is registered in the Damage insurance sector, under license No.: 601318.

Medipac's focus, drive and dedication, along with an excellent group of support staff, ensure the responsible development of our travel insurance products and their continued evolution for the long-term benefit of Medipac customers and their families while travelling. These characteristics have paved the way for the continued and exclusive endorsement of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) and the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA).

CSA is the largest organization of long-term and experienced travellers in Canada. Our affiliation with the CSA has remained strong since 1992. Medipac has assisted the Association in their ongoing advocacy to preserve and improve the rights of travelling Canadians and the Canada Health Act.

Medipac Travel Insurance Plan is underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada.

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