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If your upcoming birthday places you in the next higher age band, your premium can increase by 20-60%.

You can save money by departing earlier than planned, prior to your birthday. Even if you purchase a longer trip, your premium may be lower, because you can now use a less costly age band.

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Travel Insurance Plans

You've made the right decision to purchase travel medical insurance. Now all you have to do is decide on what insurance plan is right for your lifestyle and travel habits.

Medipac offers three types of insurance:

  1. Medipac Travel Medical Insurance — for short and long term trips
  2. Medipac 23-day Annual Plan — for multiple trips up to 23 days each
  3. Trip Cancellation — available on Medipac short and long term trip plans

Each insurance plan is supported by our own doctors and nurses at Medipac Assist and all are endorsed by both the Royal Canadian Legion and the Canadian Snowbird Association.

Medipac Travel Medical Insurance

Medipac Travel Medical Insurance is for Canadian residents planning on taking a single, short or long term trip. Coverage can be from 1 to 212 days of travel outside your home province or Canada. If you have plans to take one or more side trips in addition to your main trip, you can also save time and money by adding on Medipac's optional 23 day multi-trip Annual Add-on.

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Medipac 23 day Annual Plan

The Medipac 23 day Annual Plan is perfect for anyone taking multiple trips within a year, up to 23 days each. Clients will save time by applying for insurance only once for all trips, and save money if you take 2 or more trips during the year. The Medipac Annual Plan has the same policy coverages and benefits as the Medipac's regular insurance plan.

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Trip Cancellation Insurance

Medipac's Trip Cancellation Insurance is an optional coverage that can be added to any Medipac single trip insurance plan. Coverage is for vacation costs that you have already paid, when your trip needs to be cancelled for any of the coverage risks. Trip Cancellation is not available on third party plans, our Annual Plan or trips under the optional multi-trip Annual Add-on.

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